5 Reasons to use Facebook

Like many social media sites Facebook has brought many benefits to Charities and Not-for-Profits helping you to connect with your customers, supporters and promoting awareness of your cause and mission.  

So why connect? and what are the benefits?

Take this example - you are raising awareness of a fund raising event and would like as many people to know about it and sign up to help support your cause and raise funds. Jenny Jones likes Facebook and likes to keep all her family and friends informed of things she thinks they might be interested in.  Jenny has signed up for your event to raise funds and wants to tell all her network about it.

Your supporter Jenny visits your website and clicks on your website about your fundraising event.  Jenny shares your website event page in her Facebook activity Log.  Your website then gets listed into Jenny's Activity Log on her Facebook page so all her friends can see.

Jenny’s friends and family are keen to know what Jenny likes so they too click on the link to see what Jenny is promoting. 

This activity generates many benefits:

  • Promotion of your event from Jenny to her friends and family.
  • Increased visits to your website from Jenny’s friends and family that click through to view your website.
  • Increased awareness of your event and possibly additional supporters sign up
  • Additional likes from Jenny’s friends and family that also like your website or events webpage.
  • Possibly increased revenue from supporter who signed up because Jenny did and take part in your event and help raise funds.

If you had 10 people like your page each with 100 friends on Facebook then it means potentially 1,000 people could be informed about what you do.

Don’t forget to switch on the share facility of your website to allow people to share your website pages with their social medias.  If you have an edit.com website you can turn on Facebook Likes on every page with just one click in settings option. Contact us for free help and support.