Google your Charity - getting started with Google my Business

Over 1.2 trillion searches are conducted on Google each year, it has become the most common method, worldwide, for people to find information. By putting your charity or not-for-profit organisation onto Google, you are making it easy for people to find you, and helping them to connect with you.

In today's internet driven world, your customers are accustomed to having essential and fundamental information about an organisation instantly, at their fingertips.

Information such as: What time are you open?, What services do you offer?, What are your customer reviews like? and essentially, Is this an organisation that I can connect with in someway?

All of these questions are important for customers to know, and by having this information ready for them, at their fingertips, it makes it easy for them to connect with you and for you to connect with them; building up the relationships that will make your charity or not-for-profit grow and flourish.

Google My Business is a great tool to use, it allows customers to have access to vital information such opening times and contact information, giving them a quick overview of your services and an easy way to connect with you directly from within their Google Search, as you can see in the example below.

Image of Editwebsites Google My Business listing

For new and potential customers or stakeholders it's a way for your charity or not-for-profit organisation to be seen and found on the internet, adding or raising profile and awareness to your organisation and connecting to your website if you wish. 

Having a Google My Business account will compliment your website perfectly, giving your business a public identity and presence on the world's leading internet search platform. The information that you provide on Google My Business can appear across the various Google platforms, such as Google Search, Google Maps and Google+, helping your organisation to connect to a much wider audience via the internet.

To get started on Google My Business you can follow our simple guide, Getting Started on Google My Business.

1. Sign up for a Google My Business account

To get started on Google My Business you will need to either add your charity, or ‘claim ownership’ of it on Google.

Claiming ownership of your charity on Google:

Go to and type in the name of your charity into the search bar, if any of the results match your information then look for the ‘are you the business owner?’ link (see image below). If you don't see this link then please see information below the image on how to add your charity to Google.

image of google my business page

[Example image of 'Are you the business owner' link on Google]

If you see this link then your charity has not been claimed and you can click on the ‘are you the business owner’ link.

This will take you to a map, where you will be able to get started with Google My Business. If you do not see the ‘are you the business owner’ link, then please follow the steps below to add the relevant information about your charity onto Google.

Adding your charity to Google:

Follow this link to Google My Business: and you will be directed to one of the two pages below:

image from Google my Business

[Image example of Start Now button on Google My Business]


image of google my business

[Image example of Get On Google Now button on Google My Business]


Click on the blue button in the top right hand corner, which will either say “Get on Google” or “Start Now”. You will then either be directed to a map or a sign in page.

If you have not previously set up an account with Google for your charity, then you will need to register an account with them*. If you have already got an account with Google, you can enter your details and sign in.

* If your existing account is a personal one then we would recommend that you create another account for the use of the charity.


You should now find that you are directed to a map. Type your charity name into the search bar and a list of suggestions will appear underneath as you type.

image of Google My Business

[Image example of find your business on Google My Business]

If your charity is listed in the suggestions then click on it; if not then click on the magnifying glass icon, and you will be given the option to enter the details manually.

If your details came up but they were either incorrect or incomplete, don’t worry as you will be able to change these.
Image of Google My business

[Image example of find your business on Google My Business]

Image of Google My Business

[Image example of find your business on Google My Business]

2. Verify your business

Once you have completed the steps above and you have entered in the correct details for your charity, click on the ‘confirm’ button.

You will now be asked to verify that you are authorised to manage this by ticking Google’s terms and conditions box.

Verifying your charity is a way to tell Google that your listing is legitimate and that it is maintained by you, the owner. You will be sent a verification code by Google in order to verify that you are the owner.