Integrating Facebook

sample of Charity Edit Facebook FeedAttaching your Facebook page to your website has many benefits - it shows your website visitors that you have a community surrounding and supporting your charity and encourages your website visitors to become part of that supportive community.  It also provides your website with an update of any Facebook posts made in Facebook - so it helps to maintain the Search Engine Requirements of updating your website on a regular basis.  It also keeps your website visitors informed of information that you post on Facebook which link into articles on your website.

For Charity Edit Websites we have a simple built in feature that takes all this work out of applying your facebook to your website.  We have a widget which you simple enter you facebook url into and it places it on your homepage for you.

But for those of you who have a different provider and you have access to the content management system then you too should be able to include a Facebook feed into your website.

Simply follow the link below to take you to the Facebook area which will provide you with the code you require that needs embedding into the source of your website page and follow the rest of this guide.

screen shot of getting code from Facebook

Here you will see that you will need to enter your facebook url and it will then show your facebook feed in the same frame window box.

Click on the Get Code button, and a small window will pop up.  














screen shot of getting code for Facebook FeedIn the popup window make sure to click on the IFrame area - this then takes you to another popup window giving you the code you require to place into your website page.









screen shot of getting code for Facebook FeedHighlight and copy the code and paste it into the Source Section of the website page that you would like your facebook feed to be on.

Make sure to save any changes you have made to your website page.  Your Facebook feed should now be showing in your website.

If you are looking for an easier system to use for editing and updating your website then please do contact us on 0121 651 1140.