Your Homepage Content

image of a houseWhen creating your Charity or Not for Profit website, consider who your audience will be, and how you need to communicate with them.

Considering why they are visiting your website will help you cover aspects of how to guide your audience effectively through your website.

You will have two types of audience:

  • Those who will be looking for help
  • Those who are looking to help

We have listed a few basics for you to consider for your website:

Contact Details

  • Ensure to have the telephone and email address prominently displayed, This can be anywhere on your website but the most popular place is within the banner design (top section) of your website.
  • You might want to consider having a contact us form on your website which allows for people to submit a form to you outside of normal office hours - remember that not everyone may have an email address - but can complete your contact form and include their telephone number if they wish.

Rotating Graphics

  • A picture paints a 1,000 words, so utilise this feature to promote key mission messages.
  • The graphics can have key messages and click through options for your audience.
  • Visually promote your mission and how people can get help or support you.

Main Area

Make your connection with your audience to make them aware of your mission and how they can benefit or get involved.

Have an option of click through areas where people can instantly get to the area of the website they are interested in i.e.

  • How we can help you
  • How you can get involved
  • Stay connected
  • Fundraising
  • Donations
  • Merchandise or products to buy

News Feed

Consider a news feed on your homepage - this can link from your news pages - giving the website visitor a quick snippet of information encouraging them the click through to your articles.  This is ideal for:

  • Promotion of upcoming fundraising events
  • Reporting on the success of your events
  • Introducing new initiatives or services available
  • Fundraising reports - how people's efforts and support have help
  • Project updates - report on milestone achievements

Twitter Feed

Twitter allows you to embed a twitter feed onto your website. This is a great facility to broadcast at an instant or schedule your broadcasts well in advance to suit your charity or not-for-profit organisation. Here you can communication with your audience and followers whether they be clients, members, supporters, partnerships; it allows you to keep them informed of key information.  When using Twitter try to link it to one of your website pages which encourages more visits to your website and helps increase awareness of your mission and website viewing.

What's On Feed - Upcoming Events

Here is a great opportunity to promote any upcoming events that your organisation may be holding, ideal for promoting to encourage supporters, or keeping clients/members informed.


Logos are normally placed at the bottom of the screen and may include:

  • Quality Assurance Logos
  • Association Logos
  • Awards Logos
  • Sponsors Logo


Best practice, is to display your Organisations name, address,contact telephone numbers,and also a copyright statement. If you have several branches you may whan to list and link them in the footer and most importantly of all your Charity Registration and Company Number.