Your Events

Having an Events Calendar that allows you to enter your events is a great way to get your visitors returning to your website for more information. If you are organising and promoting events for fundraising make sure to link each event to a relevant registration form or a donate button.

You can also include industry /sector related events or exhibitions in your events calendar, and if doing so then ensure to link each event inv the calendar to the event organisers for your website visitor to register direct with them.  This is a good way to promote your understanding and consideration to your industry.  Sharing details with your website visitors and being recognised for sector knowledge of what is happening in the your sector.

You don't have to be exhibiting or attending events in order to list them in your events calendar, you may simply want to promote them.

See how easy it is with Charity Edit and view Adding Events tutorial.

If you don't have an events calendar option in your website, then why not create a page for each event - ensure to include a nice graphic as well as a link to a registration form and don't forget to include a donate now button - every little helps!