Recurring Revenue Stream

As a Charity you will no doubt be constantly trying to raise funds for your missions and causes.  So Charity Edit have sourced ways in which your charity could benefit from signing up to revenue streams and fundraising platforms that allow online shoppers to select your charity or not-for-profit to receive donations.

Below are two charity donation platforms which donate to your charity or not-for-profit from your supporters who use their shopping platforms to purchase goods online. 

From the weekly food shop through to booking a hotel or flight on-line, each time your supporters could be donating to your cause.  Making it easy for anyone to donate while they shop.

How do these Charity Donation Platforms work?

As a thank you for sending shoppers to the retailers online stores via the donation platform websites, the retailers pay a commission.  In doing so, a "%" of the commission is then paid onto a charity chosen by the on-line shopper.  There may also be additional incentives where the shopper and charity may be eligible to benefit from special offers or addtional charitable donations.

To benefit from these Charity Donation sites you will need to register but please do check out any registration fees.  Once registered get details on your website on how people can help you when shoping on line - give them links to your donation page.  Send out tweets on Twitter, post it on your Facebook and make people aware.

With Christmas only around the corner and no-doubt plenty of on-line shopping now taking place your charity could benefit.

Give As You Live

Has access to over 4,000 leading stores for your supporters to shop online with, donating money to your charity or not-for-profit organisation.  Give As You Live will also offer assistance with helping you make your supporters aware of your cause through Give As You Live with various marketing techniques to help and support you gain even more supporters and donations. From posters, flyers and pledge cards, mobile friendly emails with connected join links for your supporters to sign up to support you.  There is also marketing resources email which includes a selection of media posts which can be used on Facebook or twitter for your organisation. Give As You Live to register your charity or cause. Please do check the registration fees.


Has access to 3126 retailers for your supporters to use when purchasing items online.  Making it easy for anyone to donate while they shop.  It comes with an optional simple reminder that your supporters can download so it reminds them whenever they are shopping on-line that they could donate to Easyfundraising. Easyfundraising to register your charity or cause. Please do check the registration fees.


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