Creating a Newsletter

No matter what size charity you are you should create a newsletter or blog at least every month to keep you followers, sponsors, members and supporters informed.

image of newsletter registration form

Having a registration form for people to register for your newsletter on your website or for people to sign allows you to start collating a database of people who are interested in your charity, advocates, sponsors, members and supporters ...which is a great thing!  You then continue to build your newsletter mailing list.

Creating a newsletter or thinking of items to put into your newsletter needn’t be difficult, we have put together some ideas or suggestions you might want to use:

  • Update on fundraising events held, and how the funds are going to help.  You could include a photo of supporters who have taken part in the events.
  • Upcoming events for fundraising and how and where people can get involved, what the fundraising event is for - if it’s for a specific project or campaign for the charity.
  • If newsletter readers aren’t able to take part in the events, let them know how to donate if they wish and give website page links to donation options.
  • Promote any positions or volunteering opportunities available - again link this back to your website for detailed information.
  • Introduce a member of the team each month highlight their involvement in the charity and what a normal day may be to them.  You may want to introduce some light humour and have a questions and answers for each person; their favourite childrens character when they were young, you may want to include a baby photo of them, their favourite food, what pet they might have.
  • List the various campaigns that are in action and let people know how and they can help or get involved.
  • And most importantly let readers know what support your charity provides and how they can get intouch if they need help or advice.

If you have campaign details on your website ask readers to share your website pages on their social media, or to share the charities social media posts. The more shares equals more awareness of your charity.

If you do not currently send out a regular newsletter and are not quite sure where to start then read the MailChimp section. This is a free resource availalble.

Mailchimp - free resource

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