Premium Design Service

Premium Design - £1500 (Includes VAT)

Our premium design service goes even further. Building on the reputation of our standard design service, we provide this highly tailored design service. In short, we dedicate even more time to website design, branding and technical implementation, so that your website is set up how you want it. It will involve one of our designers talking to your team to understand what you want the site to look like.

The premium design includes:

  • A completely unique and professional overall look to your website 
  • A personalised homepage design incorporating your choice of widgets and dynamic content
  • Setting the website up for you, adding the navigation and content for a up to a dozen pages*, each customised to your design requirements
  • A responsive desktop design for larger monitors and a separate smartphone design. 
  • Sourcing of up to a six stock images that reflect your branding or key messages throughout your site**



*website setup is limited to 12 pages in addition to the homepage. For more pages, do ask us for a quotation. 
** you may incur additional fees for purchasing of stock photos. 
Note that this design service includes up to four sets of author’s amends.