A picture is worth a thousand words

We all know the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but have you considered how this statement may apply to your website, or your charity?

Living in a fast moving consumer society, we can take a lot of lessons from the brands that we see around us everyday. Take a moment to notice some of the many advertisements that you will come across during the day, whether on a billboard, bus stop, or a commercial on TV or the internet - the biggest observation that you will make is that they use relatively few (or no) words. The reliance on visual imagery is a tactic often used by brands.  

Everyday we are bombarded by advertising and brand messages from every angle, that in order to stand out from the crowd, a clear message is needed and imagery can be the strongest way to achieve this, as we simply cannot process the amount of information that is thrown at us everyday. Image heavy social media networks, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have become the most popular in recent years and research from each network provides us with the same information, that posts with images receive greater viewing rates than those without and that consumers are more likely to consider brands that utilise images in their posts.

When considering the use of imagery on your website or marketing materials, pay attention to the specific tones, colour schemes or styles in order to keep a coherent brand message, whilst an image may be more noticeable, you also want it to be memorable to your specific organisation and values. Take a look at some of the branding of Apple for example, the company is perceived as providing elegant and uncomplicated products; you will notice therefore that all branding, packaging, stores, advertising and photographs are always minimalistic and simple, this helps to reinforce its perceived image to consumers. You will notice too, that if you look at the advertising of the sports brand Nike, that in every image, whether it be of a sports personality or of a shoe, the image always reflects motion, rarely do you find a static photograph, this supports the Nike slogan of ‘Just Do It’, creating an urgency and motion within its brand messages. 

Creating a set of rules to apply to your imagery that are inline with your values as a charity will help keep all messaging coherent. Here are some ideas to help you when considering how best to use images that are inline with your charity's brand:

  • Do you have a specific colour that is linked to your charity? You could look for images that contain that colour, or use photo-editing software to incorporate the colour.
  • Who is your charity aimed at? If you are mostly speaking with animal lovers, then make sure you include animals, or if you are seeking funding from high earners then you may prefer to consider images that best reflect that person. Consider where you are placing the image however, for example, you may be targeting high earners but if you are placing images on Facebook, using images of businessmen at work may not necessarily appeal to this person whilst they are browsing Facebook in their leisure time - a more informal picture would work best for this circumstance. 
  • The tone of a picture can express a lot too. Children’s charities will benefit from photographs that are colourful, whilst a more somber tone would be better suited for a bereavement charity.
  • Is there perhaps a feeling that you would like to evoke for your brand? For example, a charity that promotes the benefits of clean air may wish to only use images that focus on large open spaces and skies. 

At Charity Edit, we have various design options for you to choose from for your website and our designers can guide you in regards to your website imagery. The team here are always happy to help, so please give us a call or an email if you would like assistance on your website. 

You can call us on 0121 651 1140 or email us at sales@charityedit.co.uk